where has Your Allergic Been?

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We're all Allergic to something. It may be a place, a thing, or even a misguided belief. Sooner or later, it'll get to us! When you're sick and tired of it and can't take it anymore, you better find a remedy. Is it hiking? Skiing? Sailing? Scuba Diving? Sky diving? 

Take a minute to look around our store and find your remedy!

We are in the process of changing our business model to better serve our customers. We will soon be selling our products with the largest retailer in the world, Amazon.com. We are working hard to get our stuff prepared, packaged and delivered for your purchases and are very excited to be chosen to be sold through this retailing giant. Check back soon and see our new designs!

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We're Rebuilding our site, purchase links are not active yet. Check back often to order once Amazon has our products!

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