Allergic to Cities is a t-shirt company where you can declare your unique life style, a concept for people who enjoy being away from the bright lights of the Big City. Whether it be in the woods hiking and camping, on a mountain climbing or mountain biking, on (or in) the water sailing or scuba diving or in the air flying or hang gliding, you want to breathe fresh air and enjoy life "out there". The idea behind Allergic to Cities came when friends were returning to Denver, CO from a camping trip. One of them began coughing uncontrollably upon entering city limits, and the concept was born: 

"You must be Allergic to Cities!"

​Rick and Suz Bear, the creative force behind the company aptly named Allergic to Cities, have a profound love of things "out there". From SCUBA diving and sailing on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, to kicking around the Rockies from their adopted hometown of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, these two like to be out of the bright lights of the big city and into the less congested lifestyle far off the beaten path. Four daughters ago, they came to Colorado with a desire for something less congested. What they have accomplished since their humble arrival has been rewarding to them beyond their wildest dreams. Now, what they hope for is for us all to find our own place and space... to relax, enjoy the ride, and live in the moment. After all, self expression is what makes us, well, us. They suggest we all stop taking ourselves so seriously.


Life is short. Why not have some fun while we're here.​

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