Noah wearing his Allergic to Naps beanie hat home from the hospital at 3 days old in Denver, CO

Rick wearing the Allergic to Worries Pot leaf design, picking out a pumpkin near Lafayette, CO

Sophia sporting a mini version of Allergic to Cities shirt

Gabriel sporting his Allergic to Cities hat in Atlanta, GA

Jonathan, a Rwandan gorilla conservation guide, wearing Allergic to Cities Rx Hydrate shirt, after donating 100 Allergic to Cities shirts to children in Nairobi, Republic of Congo and Rwanda. 

Jesse wearing his vintage Allergic to Cities shirts in brown in Steamboat Springs, CO

Then and now. Richard and Laila of s/v Nebula, Rick and Suz of s/v Allergic To Cities, Jake and Carol of s/v Offline, David and Vicky of s/v Windfreak. From Luperon 2008 to Florida 2014. Happy Reunion! wearing various Allergic to Cities shirts

Matt wearing his long sleeve Allergic to Cities vintage blue shirt in the Andes, Peru

Eric wearing the Allergic to Cities bike chain shirt, holding AJ in Lucca, Italy

Eric, wearing his Allergic to Cities bike chains shirt, carrying his bike across a river in Nicaragua

The Allergic to Silence shirt ended up making it into a photo for an article in ROLLING STONE Magazine! 

Eric, Nancy, Suz and Rick all wearing various Allergic to Cities gear in Cape Cod, MA 

Lee wearing his Allergic to Cities Bike chains shirt at a concert in Chicago, IL

Robin, Dirk and Jordan's Allergic to Cities gear bag in the Cayman Islands

Rob wearing his Allergic to Cities hat in New Jersey

Mike wearing his Allergic to Silence shirt at the free concert in Steamboat

Fanja, wearing her Allergic to Cities Colorado flag shirt in the jungle of Madagascar

Noah wearing his Allergic to Cities sweatshirt hoodies in Arvada, Colorado on crazy hair day for school

Jen wearing her pink Allergic to Cities hat in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Rick and Suz at the 2008 Democratic National Convention Denver, CO

Rick and his mom Phyllis in her Allergic to Cities shirts 

Bonnie in Lake Tahoe wearing her Allergic to Worries shirt

Greg, wearing his Allergic to Cities hat, and Jen with Alton Brown from the food network in the Virgin Islands 

This stowaway island lizard is Allergic to Cities and likes our A2C sticker

Nancy and Winnie, sporting her Allergic to Cats collar and leash, hike Red Rocks, CO

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Chris hiking in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains wearing his Allergic to Cities hat and shirt

Brenna sent this from a golf outing, with her A2C water bottle

Winnie, Tigger, and Oso sporting their Allergic to Cats collars in Denver, CO

Dagny rock climbing in Allergic to Heels shirt in NW Colorado's Flattops

Greg in his vintage Allergic to Cities Fish shirt in safari green at the International Sportsman's expo in Denver

This lizard is Allergic to Cities in Moab

Kelly and Suie hiking while wearing their Allergic to Cities shirts in Colorado

Helmi and Brock sent us this funny pic of their dog wearing an Allergic to Cities hat in Colorado

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Allergic to Cities A2C sticker on a telephone pole in the middle of no where in Cape Cod, MA

Randy wearing his Allergic to Cities shirt at the farmers market in Steamboat

AJ finds her Allergic to Cities toddler hat comfy enough to snooze in

Suz wearing Allergic to Pollution and Phyllis wearing the Bliss Allergic to Cities shirt at In-N-Out in Phoenix, AZ

Amy wearing her Allergic to Cities zip up hoody and Allergic to Stress shirt on a Florida beach

Looking for a new car seat cover? These fans used some Allergic to Pavement shirts over the seats and this doggie is a happy camper!

Nancy and the gang showing off their Allergic to Cities in Santorini, Greece

Rick and Suz representing Colorado in their Allergic to Cities Colorado Flag shirts at the 4th of July parade in Cape Cod

Lee and Brigid, Lee is wearing his Allergic to Cities bike chain shirt in Chicago

Cindy and Jesse wearing his vintage Allergic to Cities shirts in brown at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Gail's Allergic to Cities visor in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Guitar player in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico sporting his Allergic to Cities sticker on his guitar

Captain Rick in his vintage Allergic to Cities shirt

Jeff, wearing his Allergic to Cities vintage short sleeve shirt, and Chris at Macchu Picchu, Peru

Chip and Jim on a ski trip in Steamboat wearing their Chairman Of the Board Allergic to Cities shirts

Larry wearing his vintage Allergic to Cities yellow hat in Sun City west, AZ

Jeff wearing his Allergic to Cities Colorado Flag shirt in Reading, PA

John wearing his Allergic to Work shirt at Steamboat Springs, CO Beer Fest

Julie in Colorado Flag Allergic to Cities shirt hiking the Sawtooth Mountains near Sun Valley, ID

George in his Allergic to Land flags hat aboard his sailboat at Jupiter Inlet, FL

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